Redbox On Demand Review

Netflix and Hulu have a new competitor in the streaming arena. Redbox, already a popular name in the American film and game rental space, has gone online with its new digital download service — Redbox On Demand. According to the company updates, this video on demand platform will focus on bringing to users films and TV shows that are still missing from other popular online streaming platforms, such as Netflix and HBO. Redbox’s latest offering is a perfect gift for those Redbox admirers who want to stay away from kiosks while still being able to enjoy their favorite movies and shows.

Does Redbox on Demand Have What It Take to Sustain in Today’s Fiercely Competitive Online Streaming Landscape?

Time alone can provide an unambiguous answer to this question. However, it can be said with certainty that Redbox’s foray into the online streaming world is backed by powerful technology and an expansive inventory. Moreover, Redbox also has customer loyalty on its side — millions of Americans have already spent time in those red kiosks and have only good things to say about their experience.

What Are Some of the Key Factors That Will Work in Favor of Redbox on Demand?

With the market brimming with streaming giants, Redbox On Demand will need more than word-of-mouth to create its footing in the market. However, there are many factors that will work in favor of this new online streaming service.

To start with, unlike Netflix, Hulu, and HBO, Redbox On Demand has no subscription fees. Users are only asked to pay for what they rent and download. This, without a doubt, is the USP of this latest on-demand streaming service. With users already getting tired of having to pay a subscription fee, even when they are not actively using a service, Redbox On Demand will most definitely see some competitive advantage in the market. Moreover, as of now, Redbox On Demand is fairly reasonable in terms of its pricing. With digital purchases up for sale starting at $9.99, this service will most certainly appeal to the price-conscious customers in the market.

The platform is actually quite easy to use — all one has to do is download the app, create an account, and start streaming. Users can simultaneously watch two different movies on two different screens from a single account. The service is designed to function on mobile devices, computers, tablets, Roku device, and some smart TVs. The video pauses where you have left it on one device and you can pick it up from the exact same point on another device. Moreover, the entire catalog is segregated based on genres, thereby making it easier for a user to navigate through the app. Yet another distinctive feature of this latest online streaming service is that it allows users to add their reviews and see reviews from other users. This feature enables users to take better decisions regarding what they wish to scream and what can be stored for later.

Redbox On Demand allows users to keep a rented movie in their feed for 30 days — which is a fairly long duration. If there is a particular movie that a user likes, they can buy it and keep it saved on their device forever. Yet another benefit is that there is a special Play Pass Reward program, which allows users to earn credits, which they can use to rent films from Redbox kiosks — a total win-win!One of the key factors that will largely tip the scales in the favor of Redbox On Demand is the fact that Redbox, the parent company, has already been in the market for almost two decades. Redbox has always been a customer-centric company known for its exemplary customer service and with its new offering, it is quite unlikely that the experience of its customers will change.

However, there are certain areas where the company needs to focus to make this service its users’ first choice. For starters, one of the drawbacks is that not all films can be rented. There are some films that users must mandatorily buy to watch. The company is also yet to make its inventory truly expansive. However, given its foothold in this niche space, this does not seem like a difficult task.

Redbox’s experience in the business will definitely help it to give a tough fight to the competition in the market. However, its future will be decided by the users in the days to come.